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Aesthetic Practice on Environmental Crisis

Concordia University, Montreal Canada, November 4th and 5th, 2011

Presented at the International Conference “Balance Unbalance 2011”,
Vera Ivanaj & Paul Shrivastava

We propose to explore an original method for organizational development called “Aesthetic Practice” which engages participants in reflection and action on environmental crises. This method uses the artistic medium of painting, to help group members to create a vision and develop a strategy for the future. Participants will gain an embodied understanding of environmental crisis by thinking, acting and feeling collectively. They will use metaphors to gain deeper knowledge of the problem, through active interaction and engagement process. Aesthetic practice methodology is designed to help participants relate to the problem of environmental crisis in a integrated way: 1) through their emotions (how environmental crisis makes them feel); 2) through their senses (how they experience the environmental crisis sensorily); 3) through their rational and logical mind (how the different elements of the environmental crisis are related); and 4) through their intuition (what makes sense to them). Our aesthetic practice intervention is organized by running a session of 15 to 20 people. The workshop activity can be done in 2 to 4 hours. We will animate the session by following 6 steps of aesthetic methodology, engaging participants to work in small and the large groups.

Final artwork