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Creating Emergent Space within Organisations

November 9, 2011 at ICN Business School, Nancy, France

Facilitator : David KAYROUZ

Using painting as a mode this workshop offers participants an overview into the type of learning that promotes organisational coherence, adaptability and leads to sustainable work practices. Linear processes are often limited when having to deal with rapidly changing and complex situations. Learning to find ways and deal with such complexity is the aim of this workshop. We will be exploring through “constructed experiential metaphors” an emergent perspective in which learning and response emerge from the process itself. Translating this understanding into organisational practice opens possibilities to deal with the complexity of today's challenges. As a strategy it establishes new fronts on which to develop the potential of any organisation wishing to support effective, cohesive and fulfilling working environments. To this end this workshop will heighten awareness of :

  • The influence of presentational forms of knowing as found in signs, symbol, ritual, etc.
  • The emergence of language and a milieu that enable shared experience
  • Some personal and group understandings of behaviours that lead to co-creation
  • Some recognition of specific generative processes and capabilities that enable
  • Qualities needed to “act in the face of the unknown”
  • “Felt sense” as a definer of generative decision making.


About the artist :

David Kayrouz is a successful facilitator and accomplished teacher from New Zealand. Employing art based principles, David works in the private, corporate and government sectors on projects ranging from creativity training and trans-disciplinary facilitation to constant improvement programmes. He has facilitated workshops in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England. His most recent attainment was in facilitating the installation of a three story high organisational artwork completed in April 2011 by three hundred employees of a national health insurer.An organisational creativity research associate through Massey University in Auckland, he experiences life qualities as nurtured by creative capability and maintains understanding and developing this capacity offers us greater freedom and fulfilment in the way we live. With an engineering background David's entrepreneurial skills established him early as a successful manufacturer and exporter in the furniture industry. Responding to other opportunities in his late thirties he turned to exploring the fine arts focusing on painting and music. As a painter he has lived and worked in London and Paris exhibiting in both Europe and New Zealand. He has taught art and music and is currently an active violinist in a number of amateur orchestras.


Testimonies :

"This workshop was a wonderful experience for me, as I haven't done something similar before. At the beginning I was a bit afraid of painting, especially painting myself, because I'm a shy person. To be honest, it was a great experience as I didn't expect at all that it would be a pleasentful exercice. It was very amazing to see how Mr. Kairouz was skillful to manage such a heterogeneous group and to lead it to a successful result. I must admit that I'm really proud of our common "masterpiece" (WEIBEL YANN ICN3).


"Thank you very much for this enjoyable but disturbing experimentation! In fact we lost our comfortable habits of being skilled in our field of expertise to discover the pleasure and the associated risks to create without knowing. Thanks to David for having created a positive climate between the participants. The positive feed back were necessary for people like me who are more used to writing and speaking than drawing." (Sybil PERSSON, ICNBS).


"What happened in David Kayrouz’s workshop is in fact not easy to explain to others. Indeed, it must be felt, experimented by oneself to really understand what is going on there! For my part I deeply learned a lot about myself and people in the group, my own vision of the world, the “whole”, about the complexity of relationships within a heterogeneous group and the way how we can deal with it for the good of a common goal. During the experiment it was as if my mind, heart and feelings were on the same wavelength at the same time, what made then surprisingly easy to express things I think I would have never been able to express - and simply to feel and understand - within a “classic” context, namely without art and this great, stimulating, creative workshop! A collective work art - and the proud we felt of participating in it! - emerged from this workshop, thanks to David Kayrouz. I am sure we will all keep this magic experiment and its learning in our minds for a very long time...” (Clarice BERTIN, ICNBS).


"David,s workshop was inspiring to me and jump started my own repressed desire to paint. I am encouraged to take up this aesthetic practiice in coming months." (WEIBEL YANN ICN3).





"In the workshop, we have expressed ourselves through individual then group painting. We have analyzed our works and put an emphasis on the differences of perception between group members. It was interesting to see how ones ‘work could be enriched by others. I also liked the work we made to free ourselves from beliefs or thinking patterns in order to achieve more creativity !" (Simon Varennes, ICN3).