ICN Business School - International Research Chair in Art and Sustainable Enterprise (IRCASE)
Creative thinking makes the difference

Creativity, Art
and Sustainable Enterprise"

June 12, 2014 (2-5 PM)
ICN Business School
Room 253

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We wish to further build on the basic insight, that sustainability art is a ‘subversive science' that shows ways of transforming all spheres of human society. This line of work can create moral outrage against unsustainable practices, courage to act sustainably, triumph over the crises facing the world, and hope for a sustainable future. We invite researchers, artists, and people passionate about sustainability to join us. Consider your own fields of expertise and its contribution to sustainable enterprise. Talk to us about joining this project, in any way you can.

If you wish to collborate, please send a brief resume and one page description of a project you wish to collaborate on.  If you want to join our mailing list please join here : contact@ircase.org