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L'art et la culture comme source d'innovation écologique et sociale

Jeanne Bloch

Jeudi 24 Mai 2012 - ICN Business School



Artistic creation and innovation methodologies are very similar. Indeed, there’s a long tradition of art and science cooperation. These partnerships produced (sometimes renowned) works presented within the cultural arena (museums, theaters…) but rarely applied to “real life”. The art and cultural sectors have specific know-how, which bring valuable assets to innovation processes, especially in the field of sustainability and climate change innovation: they add a human dimension as well as an understanding of complexity and lateral thinking. By re-connecting traditional knowledge and culture to contemporary problems, they develop innovative sustainable solutions easily carried out by people. In addition, while artists’ contribution to society is discussed and art and culture public funding is questioned, new collaborative models emerge in order to use artistic experimentations in order to produce innovative products and services to be used in non-artistic environments.


About Jeanne Bloch

Jeanne Bloch is both an artist and a sustainability advisor to international organizations and global companies on issues such as fairtrade, climate change, child labor and sustainable consumption… Jeanne was a pioneer when she created in 1998 Seven or 8, a sustainability consultancy working with Max Havelaar, WWF, ADEME and companies such as Carrefour, Monoprix, Procter&Gamble…. In parallel, she created a remake of “Semiotics of the Kitchen” from Martha Rosler (video dance) and participated to other dance creations in El Salvador (Festival Centroamericano de Teatro) and in Paris.

She published the Sustainable Consumption Trends Guide, outcome of both creative and analytical research. She has been a speaker to numerous conferences on issues related to Sustainability and Sustainability and Arts/Culture in Europe and the US and was an instructor in main economic schools in France. In December 2009, she started at the occasion of the Copenhagen Summit an ongoing artistic project : “The Man with a Dove” and was also a member of the Climate Sustainability Platform at COP 15. She’s also a member of the Improv Collective Naomad. Jeanne Bloch is Twice Out Of Paradise's artistic director which features a dance creation and an eco-light research and the co-initiator and coordinator of the Sustainable Art and Culture Lab (SAC LAB). She’s also a member of the Improv Collective Naomad.

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