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What Managers Can Learn From Improvisers?

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D.
Penn State University

March 20, 2013 - 5:30 – 7:00 PM - ICN Business School


He explores the concept of improvisation as a means for understand real-time dynamic decision making (RTDDM). The contexts for RTDDM and those in which people improvise are remarkably similar according to several parameters. The framework illustrates how seemingly diverse contexts such as emergency management and jazz performance are related. The presentation provides a rich definition of improvisation and a typology of different improvisational contexts based on the degree of structure of the problem space and the magnitude of consequences of outcomes. Time permitting, the presentation will discuss the antecedents of improvisation, degrees of improvisation, the elements for individual and team improvisation, and effective improvisation. The conclusion is that knowledge of improvisation can help managers make more effective decisions in high velocity contexts and utilize their inherent creative strengths as they lead and manage.

About Eric Stein

Eric Stein is a leader, strategist, entrepreneur, educator, and jazz musician. Dr. Stein has worked several years as an Associate Professor of Management Science and Information Systems at the Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate and Professional Studies. His areas of research and expertise are organizational memory, learning, human expertise, decision support, business design, creativity and improvisation, business ethics, and high tech venture development. He served as the director of the New Ventures and Entrepreneurial Studies MBA concentration for several years. 

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