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June 12, 2014 (2-5 PM)
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Artistic Interventions in Organizations

Prof. Dr. Ariane Berthoin Antal
Program Leader Artistic Interventions in Organizations in the research unit "Cultural Sources of Newness" , Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung

Tuesday 10 September 2013 - ICN Business School


An interesting phenomenon that has come to the fore in recent years in the search for new ways of seeing and doing things in organizations are artistic interventions—when people, practices, or products from the world of the arts enter the world of (non-art-based-) organizations. Stimulating employees to engage with the arts at their workplace can be seen as a potential trigger for or enabler of organizational learning. The confrontation between different perspectives, behaviours, and values from these two “worlds” can generate newness by challenging underlying assumptions and irritating routines in an organizational culture, thereby opening spaces of possibility.

About Ariane Berthoin Antal

Prof. Dr. Ariane Berthoin Antal cares deeply about co-generating knowledge with which people can engage in meaningful work-lives in society.

She currently leads the program on Artistic Interventions in Organizations in the research unit "Cultural Sources of Newness" at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB). Serving since 2009 as the research partner in a series of EU-projects, Ariane has conducted the most comprehensive empirical iinvestigations of artistic interventions in organizations throughout Europe. This research builds on her previous work in the areas of organizational learning, organizational culture, intercultural management, corporate social responsibility, and women in management. She has published 13 books and over 150 articles and reports in these fields in English, German and French. She is honorary professor for intercultural management at the Technical University Berlin, and also distinguished Research Professor in the International Affiliate Faculty, Audencia Nantes School of Management (France). She has held several research positions in the field of organization and innovation, including Acting Director of the WZB research unit “Innovation and Organization”; Associate Professor for International Management and Organizational Behavior at the Tel Aviv International School of Management (TISOM), Israel; and the founding director of the Ashridge International Institute for Organizational Change (IOC-Ashridge), in Haute-Savoie, France. She was a founding member of the European Women's Management Development Network (EWMD), and served as its President.

She has enjoyed sharing her experience and creating new learning opportunities through consulting projects with many kinds of organizations, from small local initiatives to multinational companies.

For further information, please visit Ariane's website