ICN Business School - International Research Chair in Art and Sustainable Enterprise (IRCASE)
Creative thinking makes the difference

Creativity, Art
and Sustainable Enterprise"

June 12, 2014 (2-5 PM)
ICN Business School
Room 253

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This creative project is the continuation of research on sustainable development (SD) at ICN Business School, and the David O'Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, in collaboration with national and international partners since 2004. It emerged at the Second International Conference on Multinational Enterprise and Sustainable Development held at ICN on Nov 4, 2009, in Nancy and Metz, France. The conference focused on the theme “Technologies and Innovations in Sustainable Development Strategies”. Presentations by researchers and industrialists at this conference identified the need for interdisciplinary (technical, economic, social, cultural, holistic) comprehension of sustainability. It also pointed to the need to integrate science with art, and industrial with academic aspects of sustainable development.

One of the more innovative ideas which emerged during the conference was the integration of art, technology and management in the dialogue on sustainable development of organizations. This idea was proposed by Professor Paul Shrivastava, Director of the David O'Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise, at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, and was regarded as an important emerging subject. Professor Shrivastava reviewed the ARTEM program that combines art, technology and management. It led to a discussion of leveraging and extending the ARTEM program to deepen its links to sustainability through the efforts of an International Chair. The Regional Council of Lorraine funded the Chair for research the first year from Sept 2010 to Aug 2011.

Photo : MESD'09, November 4-6, Palais des Congès, Nancy France (www.mesd2009.org)