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Wela's profile

The artist who adresses the risk of changes in ecosystems caused by human activities.

WELA (Elisabeth Wierzbicka), French/Polish painter and sculptor, was born in Cracow in 1964. She studied at the Cracow Academy of Fine Art from 1984-1989. Graduated at metal techniques studio of Prof. Stanisław Wejman in 1989. After she continued her training at the Ecole Superiore of Fine Art in Paris and started her career as an international artist. She lives in Cracow and Paris where she makes art installations, drawings, paintings. Her work is well known in many countries. Wela’s installations refer to man's relationship with nature, memory and identity, erasing and dividing time. The artists, showing important environmental issues such as energy, life, deforestation, how contemporary man moves away from nature, etc., indicate the risk of changes in ecosystems caused by human activities. Her creative attitudes, chosen themes Wela confirm common responsibility when it comes to ecology. She want to provoke the viewer to reflection, and perhaps also to change the approach to the environment.

The ability of the artist is to transform and transcend reality apparently common and banal, in a powerful and evocative potential for stimulating the imagination. Her artistic interventions are potentially many and varied, ranging across a wide spectrum, spectacular actions radically upsetting the scheduling of a place, barely perceptible interventions that are based or are confused with their immediate environment. Wela’s installations arise from the context of place and culture.

Her works are, inter alia, at: Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw; Futuroscope, France, Museum of Sculpture “Europos Parkas”, Vilnius; Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, etc.

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34, rue Ney - 95570 Bouffemont - France

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+33 (0)6 79 80 99 16

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