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Art Technology and Management alliance

Artem is an alliance with the prestigious Ecole des Mines de Nancy (Graduate School of Mining/Engineering) and the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Art de Nancy (National School of Art) has enabled the ICN to enrich its teaching resources and to expand student's educational horizons by blending art, technology, and management.

Increasingly, the success of a project depends on a triangle of skills: "design, manufacture, and management". Career profiles for executives today also demand multiple skill sets for new types of jobs that incorporate technology, art, and management.

The objective of this alliance, supported by the University of Nancy, the Greater Nancy Urban Community, the Lorraine Regional Council and the Meurthe-and Moselle General Council, is to offer students from the three schools an education that combines various forms of knowledge, intelligence, and creativity. Shared courses, projects, and joint training groups are at the heart of this new plan.

The three schools function interactively and offer several curriculum bridges. After a certain time, while keeping their individual identities, they shall be brought together in a single, original, and multidisciplinary campus in the center of Nancy.

It is an alliance of people, artists, engineers, and business people that encompasses the disciplines of art, science, technology, and management. These disciplines provide the know-how to conceive, produce, and negotiate, in order to form a new generation of leaders. The ICN seeks to give its students the technical and design skills demanded by today's creative organizations.

It combines the integration of new technology in enterprise, creation of new professions at the meeting point of technology, art, and management, development of more sensitive and elegant aesthetic tastes, and a better understanding of the creative process.

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